Top Tips For Finding A Hobby!

Having a hobby is not only fun, it’s good for your health. Find out how to get one now!


I love to move!

I adore stretching, bending, flexing, pushing, pulling and everything in between and often experience a sense of euphoria whilst in motion.

Growing up I loved making up dance routines to All Saints and S Club 7 and you couldn’t get me off of the dance floor at the end of year disco. I studied dance at secondary school and I joined the gym at aged 17 after a few too many late junk filled nights. I started off slowly, dabbling with a bit of cardio, then weights and eventually classes.

Fast forward ten years and now I move (and help others move) for a living! My favourite types of movement are dance (of course), yoga, cycling and strength training but over the years I’ve tried my hand at (and enjoyed) boxing, rock climbing, trampoline, sports, HIIT training and much more.

Whenever I’ve had a particularly stressful day the worst thing I can do for myself is come home and sit down on the sofa. Whatever negative emotion I’m experiencing will sit in my body like a pile of rocks unless I physically do something to shake it out. Whenever I get out and move I feel a million times better and for that twenty minutes, 1/2 hour, hour … real life is suspended and the pattern of movement is all that matters.

In today’s world, we are constantly busy working and moving from one ‘important’ task to the next. I believe having a hobby that creates an unbridled sense of joy is an imperative part of our contemporary human existence.

Having a hobby is not only fun, it’s good for your health. Partaking in an activity that you enjoy and absorbs your mind can decrease stress and anxiety levels. Research carried out by Annals of Behavioural Medicine has shown that those who participate in leisure activities feel 34% less stressed than those who don’t. What’s more, many report feeling happier and calmer hours after participating in their chosen pastime.

So, how do we find a hobby? Check out my easy to follow tips below:

1) Try Everything (and I mean everything!)

Sometimes in life, we get into a pattern of repetition;  going to the same places, seeing the same people and doing the same things. When searching for your passion take up any new opportunities that present themselves and accept invitations to places you wouldn’t normally go. Until recently I’d always considered myself as un-artistic when in actual fact I hadn’t tried anything artistic since school. I decided to give crafting a go and since then I’ve had fun colouring, jewellery making, painting pottery and scrap booking. Granted, I’m not the most talented artist out there but I’ve found a new interest which I really do enjoy.


2) Do You!

Having said the above, it’s really important to do what YOU want to do as opposed to what’s in vogue or what others tell say you SHOULD do. Often clients approach me wanting to find appealing ways to get fit and many greet me with “I’d really like to GET INTO running, HIIT training, yoga etc.” as opposed to “I really want to TRY XYZ”.

This duggests to me that the person is focusing on the idea of an activity as opposed to a genuine interest in the activity. If everyone on your instagram feed is doing Bootcamp but the idea genuinely repulses you then don’t do it! You’re much more likely to stick to something you actually enjoy!

3) Explore your network!

Let your friends and family know about your journey and ask if you can tag along and try what they’re into. My husband always enjoyed watching sports, something I thought I wasn’t keen on. I went to my first basketball game a few years back and I absolutely loved it. Now I always take care to watch an NBA game when visiting the States and regularly make time to watch my local league play.

4) Throw it back!

Have a look back at your childhood when you were young and free. Chances are the things that you enjoyed will still ignite a spark within you and may become something you love as an adult too.For example, if you completed grades in piano consider taking some introductory music lessons. If you always enjoyed Karate lessons then consider seeing if your local leisure centre runs any classes.


Whichever route you decide to take please remember that these things take time. You may be lucky enough to find a new sideline straight away, but chances are it will take a while and that’s ok. Enjoy the journey and having fun trying lots of new activities on the way!



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