Finding Your Edge

Modern life is all go go go but theres something to be said for slowing things down.

Find out how to take a step back and find your edge.


There’s a lovely term within the yoga world known as ‘finding your edge’. It encapsulates the moment where you challenge your body whilst also respecting its natural limitations.

Within the modern world, there’s a tendency to feel that more equals better and that in order to be a success we must push past our maximum. We look up to world-class athletes (and more recently insta famous fitness personalities) as an ideal of physical fitness which encourages us to push ourselves as far as we can go.

Whilst it’s fantastic to feel motivated it’s also important to proceed within your limits and to respect your body. Let’s not forget that these amazing athletes often have to retire from their chosen sport at an extremely young age (in the scheme of life). These folks have spent many years going beyond their edge in order to achieve peak performance which is completely different from achieving everyday health.

This idea of ‘finding your edge’ can be transferred from physical activity to all facets of life. As inspiring as extreme high achievers may be, I personally believe aiming for record-breaking excellence on a daily basis is not a necessity. Of course, there are times where we need to work hard and up our game but this needn’t be our default mode.

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Top Tips For Finding A Hobby!

Having a hobby is not only fun, it’s good for your health. Find out how to get one now!

I love to move!

I adore stretching, bending, flexing, pushing, pulling and everything in between and often experience a sense of euphoria whilst in motion.

Growing up I loved making up dance routines to All Saints and S Club 7 and you couldn’t get me off of the dance floor at the end of year disco. I studied dance at secondary school and I joined the gym at aged 17 after a few too many late junk filled nights. I started off slowly, dabbling with a bit of cardio, then weights and eventually classes.

Fast forward ten years and now I move (and help others move) for a living! My favourite types of movement are dance (of course), yoga, cycling and strength training but over the years I’ve tried my hand at (and enjoyed) boxing, rock climbing, trampoline, sports, HIIT training and much more.

Whenever I’ve had a particularly stressful day the worst thing I can do for myself is come home and sit down on the sofa. Whatever negative emotion I’m experiencing will sit in my body like a pile of rocks unless I physically do something to shake it out. Whenever I get out and move I feel a million times better and for that twenty minutes, 1/2 hour, hour … real life is suspended and the pattern of movement is all that matters.

In today’s world, we are constantly busy working and moving from one ‘important’ task to the next. I believe having a hobby that creates an unbridled sense of joy is an imperative part of our contemporary human existence.

Having a hobby is not only fun, it’s good for your health. Partaking in an activity that you enjoy and absorbs your mind can decrease stress and anxiety levels. Research carried out by Annals of Behavioural Medicine has shown that those who participate in leisure activities feel 34% less stressed than those who don’t. What’s more, many report feeling happier and calmer hours after participating in their chosen pastime.

So, how do we find a hobby? Check out my easy to follow tips below:

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F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Fear can keep us from doing what we desire. Fight the fear and get things done!

Fear is a b****d (pardon my French!), it really is. It keeps us hostage, it grips our heart like a vice and holds us back from doing things that we truly want to do. We’ve all had those moments of sheer panic when adrenaline courses through our veins causing our pulse to race, our stomach to turn and sweat to pour from our skin.

Now, I’m not a complete fear-ist. I understand (and fully appreciate) the biological necessity of fear. It’s our fear filled fight or flight response which protects us in times of legitimate danger and stops us from being injured.

However, the type of fear I’m talking about is that unwelcome-guest-at -the -party kind of fear. The fear that rears its ugly head in the most obscure and often the most non-life threatening scenarios imaginable.

I remember having the mother of all panic attacks before starting my first post-graduate job. I called my mum in the middle of the night, heart pounding and frightened out of my life. Was I in any real danger? Of course not, but the panic and fear I felt in that moment were all too real. My body reacted furiously and the next morning I awoke with a fully fledged chest infection and covered in hives.

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Ethical Abundance

Sometimes in life we give out more then we recieve.
Do you make space in your life for the things you deserve?


 Abundance: noun: plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity.

There’s something about money isn’t there? We are always worrying about making it, saving it or how to spend it. They say it makes the world go round and I guess that must be true.

I wouldn’t describe myself as motivated by money. I prefer to do a job because of how much I enjoy it rather than the salary and I don’t care a large amount about how much things cost or what their monetary worth is.

However, I do like to DO stuff and the stuff I enjoy doesn’t come cheap. I love holidaying, working out, yoga and massages! These are the four things I think I spend the most money on and often it’s hard to justify spending £16.00 on a yoga class which is what they cost in the average London studio.

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