Ethical Abundance

Sometimes in life we give out more then we recieve.
Do you make space in your life for the things you deserve?



 Abundance: noun: plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity.

There’s something about money isn’t there? We are always worrying about making it, saving it or how to spend it. They say it makes the world go round and I guess that must be true.

I wouldn’t describe myself as motivated by money. I prefer to do a job because of how much I enjoy it rather than the salary and I don’t care a large amount about how much things cost or what their monetary worth is.

However, I do like to DO stuff and the stuff I enjoy doesn’t come cheap. I love holidaying, working out, yoga and massages! These are the four things I think I spend the most money on and often it’s hard to justify spending £16.00 on a yoga class which is what they cost in the average London studio.

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