Does Fitness Belong On Facebook?

With the explosion of social media more and more people are taking their workouts online. But, is this a good thing?


The fitness game has changed! Gone are the solo woodland runs. Now, it’s all about integrated fitness apps and GPS running trackers. Our fitness regimes are more social than ever and now our workouts can be shared with hundreds of people in the click of a button.

Along with this sudden techno-fitness phenomenon came the inevitable amalgamation of fitness and social media. Initially, I loved this new development. It brought me closer to some of my favourite fitness professionals and gave me loads of new ideas for my classes and indeed my own workouts. In addition, I loved the idea that these pages could inspire people to take up sporting activities they may have otherwise not tried.

Sadly, over the years these images and videos have become less genuine and much more of a masquerade. Gone are the days of a shaky camera set up to film a good old-fashioned sweaty workout. Cue pictures of perfectly made up #postgymselfies and perfectly positioned #leanandcleanmeals. The arena in which I find it most difficult to stomach is within the discipline of Yoga, a complex and extensive spiritual practice which thanks to modern media has been simplified to sexualized images of slim super bendy women doing super bendy poses in exotic locations.

I worry that in contrast to earlier years this staged imagery is no longer inspiring people but isolating them if they are not as skinny/bendy/ripped as the depictions we see. I myself have had moments of low self-esteem looking at these pages. Should I look like them, post like them, work out like them, be like them? Of course, the answer is always no..I should be nothing other than myself.  But, when you’re bombarded with unrealistic and inaccurate images of health doubt does start to creep in. Continue reading “Does Fitness Belong On Facebook?”

Ethical Abundance

Sometimes in life we give out more then we recieve.
Do you make space in your life for the things you deserve?


 Abundance: noun: plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity.

There’s something about money isn’t there? We are always worrying about making it, saving it or how to spend it. They say it makes the world go round and I guess that must be true.

I wouldn’t describe myself as motivated by money. I prefer to do a job because of how much I enjoy it rather than the salary and I don’t care a large amount about how much things cost or what their monetary worth is.

However, I do like to DO stuff and the stuff I enjoy doesn’t come cheap. I love holidaying, working out, yoga and massages! These are the four things I think I spend the most money on and often it’s hard to justify spending £16.00 on a yoga class which is what they cost in the average London studio.

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